“Authentication is the foundation of digital trust, an enabler of cybersecurity in the digital economy and of the fourth industrial revolution: in short, authentication is a critical enabler of the future.”

Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer, FIDO Alliance USA, the World Economic Forum, 2019

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"We founded CycurID after years of working in the payments, cryptocurrencies and risk management sectors and getting firsthand knowledge of how costly and ineffective the current landscape is for Identity Verification, KYC and anti-money laundering.

We saw an opportunity to think differently, do things differently and more importantly, better. CycurID was born from the idea that the status quo does not work and achieves little more than perpetuating the problem."

Founders - Mehdi Mehrtash | Gord Jessop

Who We Are

We don’t accept the status quo, and we're not satisfied with band-aid solutions. We are proactive, actively addressing and resolving the keystone issues facing our digital society.

Our Core Philosophies

Every person has the right to privacy and digital security. What you do online is your business and no one else’s.

Designing solutions should be done ethically and conscientiously. Consumer protections should be intrinsic to digital systems.

Your identity belongs to you and no one else. No third-parties should be able to exploit your identity for their sole benefit.

There's a better way to do things. Just because something is convention doesn't mean we can't improve it.

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Our Mission

As our global society becomes more digitized, we’re able to close geographic distances like never before. But removing physical contact from our private and commercial spaces means one critical thing: being able to verify and authenticate your identity has become a foundational core need of businesses everywhere. In all aspects of modern life, from using social media, to sending and receiving money, to fulfilling public health needs, to stopping fraud and crime, your identity is the key to a safe and convenient society that works for you and makes your life better.

CycurID Technologies Ltd is a privately held identity management and security software developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For further corporate information or investment opportunities, email us at corpinfo@cycurid.com.

Canadian Office

CycurID Technologies Ltd Suite 600 – 890 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1J8

US Office

Cycurid Technologies USA Ltd 539 W. Commerce St. #1959, Dallas, Tx, 75208


McMillan LLP Royal Centre, 1055 W Georgia St #1500, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4N7

Our technology will redefine how identity will be used to alter the exchange of goods and services on a global basis.

CycurID’s technology aims to create a digital marketplace that is safer, faster, and more accessible for both businesses and consumers. Contact us to learn how you can be a part in changing the game using Digital Identity.


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