Changing How
Digital Commerce Works Through the Power of Digital Identity

A Comprehensive Solution for Cutting-Edge Businesses

By creating a modernized Digital Identity Management system, CycurID enables one solution for a wide array of issues that your business needs to address. Explore the variety of specific features CycurID delivers:

Agile and Flexible Applications

Knowing your customers is the foundation to modern commerce. CycurID fully leverages the power of a secure, persistent Digital Identity to create a flexible and comprehensive solution that addresses needs across countless facets of your business.

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Going Beyond KYC

Digital Identity is at the core of many modern issues that slow down businesses on the cutting edge. By addressing the foundational issue rather than creating a patchwork of small fixes, CycurID does more for your company than only doing KYC.

Future-Proofed Compliance

Don't settle for hammering square pegs into round holes. Rather than patching over your legacy systems, CycurID helps you address root problems and future-proof your business against next generation digital requirements.

It Starts With Your


Improved Connectivity & Security

Legacy connectivity platforms create user experiences filled with friction. Our IDK transforms how digital access happens through our proprietary AI software and Zero-Knowledge protocols.

Empower your users to connect with you in ways that will keep them safe, secure, and in the fast lane.

Connect new and existing users to your business with enhanced privacy, reinforced security, accelerated onboarding, and effortless authentication, removing major barriers between your business and your customers.

Whatever Your Business,
CycurID Makes You Better

If you do business online, you need to verify and authenticate customers while staying compliant with a host of legal regulations. This costs money and causes headaches for any organization.

CycurID does not take half-measures by just alleviating symptoms of the bigger problem. We are fundamentally changing the way digital trust is built, revolutionizing everything from verification and authentication, to digital privacy and security.

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Retail & Ecommerce


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Big Tasks Made Easy

CycurID's solution is flexible, customizable, and simple to use, making it easy to integrate into your digital platforms.

Verification Rules

Choose what level of verification you require for customers to access your services. Do they just need a verified email? Or does your business require a verified address or government-issued ID?

Flexible Onboarding

Set custom requirements for users accessing your services. Automatically prevent users that don't meet age requirements or aren't adequately verified from getting in the door.

Audited Information

Confirm the verification checks CycurID has done for you by viewing the verification history of specific users.

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Invest in Your Business, Not in Redundancy

Digital Identity Management means more than managing data. Our technology can unlock benefits across many aspects of your business.

Limit Data Liability

Storing data to perform in-house KYC or authentication checks makes your business a target for cybercrime. CycurID's client-side Digital ID managing tools eliminate the need for you to keep sensitive user data on-site.

Improve User Experience

Streamline your Onboarding and Authentication platforms by going passwordless. CycurID helps you expedite your user sign-up processes to get customers in the door and doing business with you faster and easier.

Proactive Compliance

Your KYC/AML procedures are only valid as long as your customers' data is up-to-date. CycurID’s continuous KYC ensures that expired customer data never becomes an issue.


Get Digital Identity
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