Truly Frictionless
Onboarding with
Digital Identity

Getting customers in the door is the critical first step in doing business, but you have to make sure everyone stepping through that door is who they say they are without driving them away. CycurID leverages the power of Digital Identity to give a truly frictionless onboarding and authentication experience. We don't just expedite your existing processes, we handle the whole process for you making it instantaneous without sacrificing security.

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The Future of Authentication

The core of CycurID's solution to authentication and onboarding is the power of a Reusable Digital Identity Token. Users register with CycurID to create a Reusable Encrypted Zero-Knowledge Identity Token that they present to your company's onboarding or authentication platform, letting them seamlessly and instantly connect.


User IDs are verified in CycurID's back end before they come to you, so your company is saved the hassle of running verification checks.


CycurID's user App (Imme®) authenticates ID tokens as they access your system.


IDs are encrypted under biometric security, removing the need for your business to store or manage login credential data.

Lifelong & Reusable

There's no point in your company running the same checks to verify users if someone else has already. CycurID does this once, allowing users to be verified for life.

Data Exchange-Free

Customers don't have to submit login data for your business to store, keeping volatile and sensitive data off of your servers.


"Anonymous" doesn't have to mean "unknown." IDs are fully verified and authenticated through Zero-Knowledge protocols.

Seamless Integration

CycurID's services are designed specifically for flexibility and ease-of-use across expansive and diverse industries. Our Merchant Dashboard is simple and intuitive, and enables you to customize the specific tasks CycurID will do for your business.

Custom Verification Rules

Set what level of verification potential customers need to access your platform, whether it's as simple as an email address, or as secure as a piece of government-issued ID.

Tailored Onboarding Criteria

Keep under-age gamers or geo-blocked users from compromising your Terms of Service. CycurID pre-screens potential users at the point-of-access to your platform.

CycurID dashboard onboarding tools for location, age, and verification level

Risk Reduction

Zero-Knowledge onboarding and authentication means you don't have to store customer data, removing a potential attack vector for cybercriminals.

Focused Customer Acquisition

Don't waste your marketing dollars on users that won't meet your onboarding criteria. Screen potential customers before they try to onboard with continuous KYC.

Instant Onboarding

Onboard new users instantly with pre-verified ID tokens. Avoid abandonment and improve user experience by removing redundant information exchanges.

Fraud Elimination

Fraudulent access and stolen credentials are big risks to digital business. Keep fraudsters out with CycurID's biometric authentication and liveness detection.

Efficient Allocation

Without needing to verify, authenticate, or screen as part of the onboarding process, your business is free to allocate your resources to growing your bottom line.

Audited AI & AI Auditing

Our AI automatically audits all potential users to help you stay compliant, and we continuously audit our AI to ensure you're getting industry-leading service.

Be ready to do business as soon as your customers are.

Customers expect quick and easy interactions. This means that manual processes that have a considerable impact on turnaround times drive away customers. Customer onboarding is fundamental to every company’s success and growth. Contact us to find out how to put CycurID to work for you.


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